News Coverage - 30th Anniversary Celebration
Message from The Right Honourable Chief Minister of Sarawak
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I am glad to offer my warmest congratulations to the Rimbunan Hijau Group on its 30th Anniversary. As a Sarawakian, I am equally proud to share in the significance of this grand journey - it shows that with vision, leadership and perseverance we can achieve success of the highest order.

Sarawak has grown by leaps and bounds during this period and the Rimbunan Hijau Group has contributed its share to this growth. With the infrastructure and supportive business policies of the State of Sarawak, I believe that any sound corporation originating from Sarawak, Malaysia and other parts of the world can also thrive here.

It would be beneficial if these corporations took a leaf from Rimbunan Hijau's book - to build a solid foundation, embark on careful diversification, create synergies with the group through related core businesses, and finally, to contribute to the local communities where it operates. Rimbunan Hijau has done all this and more and appears to have a successful business formula in place.

On their 30th Anniversary, I am pleased to see that they have remained true to their roots - as a home grown , they have invested a lot in Sarawak and the major towns of Kuching, Sibu and Miri. Their strong presence in Peninsular Malaysia, and around the globe has not diminished their sense of being a corporation in Sarawak.

I would like to offer all my best wishes to the Rimbunan Hijau Group on its 30th Anniversary, and look forward to their continued contributions to the progress of Sarawak and Malaysia in the years ahead. Syabas!

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